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Burnout 3 Crash Guide - Introduction

America Junctions | Europe Junctions | FarEast's Junctions (Coming Soon)

Crash plays a huge part in Burnout 3: Takedown it mastering the crash junctions are a skill worth practicing for.
There are junctions on every continent, usually about 10 per track. There are 100 overall and you'll need gold in everyone to get the legendary 100%
This guide will show you in detail how to get those golds.

General Tips

When the crash junction has loaded there will be a fly-over of the junction. DO NOT skip this as it proves very useful. Take the time tolook over the junction and plan where you're going. Boost Don't worry to much about getting Boost Pick-ups, the guide will tell you when it is a good idea to get it. Just try to concentrate on getting other icon which help your score. You can get 3 different cash pickup which will aid you on getting gold
  • Gold Pick-up - $20,000
  • Silver Pick-up - $10,000
  • Bronze Pick-up - $5,000
Other pickups you can grab are..

x2 Multiplier
x2 Multiplier - Doubles you overall score

x4 Multiplier x4 Multiplier - times your overall score by 4

A general tactic is to aim for the x4 multiplier whenever available as this almost guarantees a medal.

Crashbreakers are yet another way of piling up the points (and cars)
CrashBreaker Icon
Gettingthe icon will instantly blow up your car and everything around it. Be sure to use your aftertouch to steer into them when ever possible. You will also get crashbreakers which you can trigger automatically after you've got enough wrecks under your bonnet. Finally, heartbreaker will break your heart and half you score,avoider at all costs! Now for the guide, select a location below...

America Junctions
Europe Junctions
FarEast's Junctions

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