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Icon   DBC9MX How do Hotrod, you could'nt beat out a good wank, let alone a good showtime score. Stick to bouncing on your sister.

Topics I've Started

  1. A few words about the island

    Posted 10 Jun 2009

    I Thought i would pen a few words about the island, I did the flat spinners prayer a while ago, so i thought i would do it for the island.

    It was the night before the island
    An air of excitement hung in the air
    How much longer must we stare?
    At that bridge with an open mouthed glare

    So the times have been set for us to beat.
    For some this is right up there street
    A stunt runnerís dream this island will be
    A huge score I foresee

    Marked man, Stunt run or maybe a race
    Whatever it is, do it with a smile on your face
    Rule the roads and beat your friends
    Maybe take them down going round the bends

    So pack your bags its time to go
    On An Island vacation, we shall go.

    Seeeeya tomorrow on the Island

    Now this may end up in the Scrap yard, but i had to do it :db:
  2. A new idea for a stunt run achievement

    Posted 10 Jun 2009

    Ok we have the 180 flat spin, 360 Flat spin, Barrel roll, double barrel roll and the 40X achievement's in the game to achieve. (There may be a few more, not too sure)

    How about a Stunt run combo achievement ?????

    Here is what i mean.

    Combo together a 180 flat spin followed by a 2X barrel roll, then a 360 Flat spin, Then break 1 billboard in the quarry, Without Crashing. To earn the achievement.

    Or other combo's of stunts in other areas of Burnout Paradise.

    Like i say its just a thought, so what do you think would make a good Stunt Run achievement, And in what Area/Areas.
  3. More burnout DLC to come after the Island ?

    Posted 3 Jun 2009

    Click on the link below and read about it.

    Sounds good to me :up:

    http://www.dpadmagaz... with-criterion/

    Props to dman for the find :D
  4. Official Operation Burnout Island Information Thread

    Posted 22 May 2009

    http://www. criterion...acks/island.php

    June the 11th
  5. Burnouts Got Talent

    Posted 20 May 2009

    Yes that's right burnouts got talent.

    This works in the same lines as Britain's got talent, you show us the judges your talent and we will give our comments on your efforts.

    If you get through to the next round you will again be judged by the judges. then you may get to the final where we go to public voting.

    Ok let me introduce your judges.

    Piers Morgan, Aka Yabba :yabbas: , this judge wont mince his words, better known for his less than tactful skills. It will take a lot to impress this Bloke.

    Simon Cowell, Aka DBC9MX :db: , This judge knows how to make it to the top (Were not sure as to the top of what yet though) But you can guarantee one thing, This Bloke can do pretty much anything (If not he will pay someone to do it)

    And finally Amanda Holden :w00t: , Aka dmanuk123, This racy, but sweet little judge will show you her sensative side :wub: Easily impressed by anything, but watch out this bitch will bite your ass off if the occasion is right.

    So there you have it, Now show us your skills (Anything that may impress the judging panel will do) as long as it is burnout related.

    Remember 3 X's and your off the stage.

    This is just for fun, Nothing serious, Just for the giggles like :hehe:

    Ps: Please banish to the scrap yard if you must, I'm just a little bored right now.

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  1. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    29 Jun 2009 - 11:37
    Guy goes to fancy dress party with his missus on his back. What u come as ? his mate asks. I'm a turtle, he says, Well whos she then on ya back ? he asks. Oh that's Michelle. ;)
  2. Photo

    DBC9MX Icon

    15 Jun 2009 - 17:38
    LOL, never noticed dude :)
  3. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    15 Jun 2009 - 16:47
    Congrats on Going F't Gold :) Hope it doesn't go to your head. :db:
  4. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    14 Jun 2009 - 08:42
    Oi, add me allready, i'm a friend of UISProphet. :db:
  5. Photo

    UISProphet Icon

    13 Jun 2009 - 15:58
  6. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    12 Jun 2009 - 23:32
    Hmm, I can leave a comment with my phone, but not either Playstation. :db:
  7. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    12 Jun 2009 - 09:24
    That damn hotel is freakin' indestructible.
  8. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    07 Jun 2009 - 19:28
    f't win.
  9. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    05 Jun 2009 - 20:30
    You gonna play FUEL again?
  10. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    03 Jun 2009 - 08:51
    Did I ever tell you about my ex. She was deaf and she ended up leaving me for her deaf male friend...I should've seen the signs :db:
  11. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    29 May 2009 - 16:31
    Having a good day so far? ;)
  12. Photo

    UISProphet Icon

    29 May 2009 - 14:53
    Happy birthday!!! Do not light the candles... there's just too damn many of them to be safe!
  13. Photo

    Robbo414 Icon

    29 May 2009 - 11:10
    Happy birthday DB!
  14. Photo

    WhiteRabbid Icon

    29 May 2009 - 09:27
    Happy Birthday Man, welcome to the 40's club :-)
  15. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    29 May 2009 - 08:01
    Happy Birthday buddy.
    Have a "belter" :)
    No embarrasing threads yet ;)
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