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  1. Thread of Jokes

    Posted 25 Jun 2009

    No no, no no no no, no no no no, there's no limits.

    Let's get started then shall we?

    All I got for my last birthday was a pack of sticky playing cards.....

    I found it really hard to deal with.

    Sarcasm and Irony are often said to be 'the lowest form of wit'

    And yet, Americans still don't get it.

    Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops off significantly after the age of 20.
  2. Keith Moon Challenge Night

    Posted 17 May 2009

    On a date yet to be disclosed, Prophet's Playstation 3 shall return. I say we should get drunk in mourning celebration.

    Usual rules apply:
    * participants must be at least legal drinking age in their respective countries
    * participants must be above the legal blood/alcohol limit for driving by the time Prophet has installed Burnout updates and his save
    * participants must know who Keith Moon was
    * If a group of participants enters a Ranked racing room, or a room/game with sober people they must be as disruptive as possible.

    Apart from that, the only requirement is to have fun and enjoy one's self.

    Anyone up fur it?
  3. ZEN Pinball

    Posted 16 May 2009

    This is someone playing the demo. The full game has 4 tables, Custom soundtracks, 4 player multiplayer AND video chat to go with your VOiP.

    6.29 for the game may seem steep, but if you take into account that Pinball is charged at a pound a pop, it's a bargain.

    Apparently there will be moar, yes, moar tables as DLC, but dates and prices are more unknown than why people like Call of Duty.

  4. RTS Discussion Thread

    Posted 10 May 2009

    Anyone like real time strategy?

    That's the game type when someone foolishly lets you take charge of an army and then lead them to their doom. Difficult to get into, but immensely satisfying.

    [Now here I would sticki in some overkill videos to highlight my point, But I can't find any good ones, so have this instead]

    And now, some moar videos of my favourites.

    Command & Conquer Red alert 3. A rather imaginative RTS in which the second war never happened, due to Albert Einstein travelling back in time and killing Adolf Hitler (But then how he still never kicked it all off after the Sovvies killed Einstein, We don't know). Contains 3 warring factions, co-op, 4 player online, jets that transform into mechs, laser artillery, Airship bombers and more.

    World In Conflict. A more realistic, less imaginative, but longer and deeper alternative to Red alert 3. Unfortunately there's no real countries in this, it's just USA vs. Communist party of northern Asia.

    Tom Clancy presents a Tom Clancy title: Tom Clancy's Endwar by Tom Clancy. The first Tom Clancy's title without Tom Clancy's input, and therefore the first one that I really thought half-decent. You are not forced to play as the Americans this time, so there's not as much of that silly 'Saving Private Ryan' style Yank patriotism. This game has three distinct factions, Aforementioned Yanks, Dirty Communists Russia, Smelly Ungrateful Federated Europe. This is the simplest RTS in existence (perhaps, no-one knows because no RTS fans played Halo wars, because it was crap), having only 5 unit types, and no base system either. Ubisoft also thought that controls would be far too difficult for Shooter fans to grasp, so the game can be operated entirely by voice command. It works. Because of it's simplicity, this was my first RTS.

    So, over to you mob. Anyone play strategy games? or is it too much of a jump from Burnout and I'm All by myself?
  5. Fallout Franchise's Last Chance

    Posted 20 Apr 2009

    OK, so after the spoonful of fail that was Bethesda's attempt at a Fallout game, Obsidian Entertainment steps up to stick another nail in the coffin.

    Or do they? Some of the people at Obsidian were part of Black Isle Studios (Do not confuse with Black Rock), who, as you should know, constructed the original Fallout games.
    Whether this erases some of the shittiness brought on by Fallout 3 or not is yet to be seen, but it's Fallout's last chance in my eyes, unless it wants to be lost to the past, like Doom.

    http://www.joystiq.c... oles-next-year/

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  1. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    27 Jun 2009 - 10:33
    No. I cannot allow this crazy behaviour.
  2. Photo

    sewer_shark249 Icon

    25 Jun 2009 - 10:30
    Hey!! I want my own Space...you are hurting me bubbles!!
  3. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    25 Jun 2009 - 09:09
    Fear not, got my ear to ground for any COD threads. I can smell someone even thinking about starting one from quite far away :)
  4. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    14 Jun 2009 - 10:57
    I'm going to join you in de-railing annoying threads. F't F'ing WIN
  5. Photo

    CourtRoom Icon

    06 Jun 2009 - 17:01
    Haha. ^^ .. I've always been a fan of C&C and other RTS games. I'm loving the new Red Alert, absolutely brilliant and funny at the same time.
  6. Photo

    sewer_shark249 Icon

    03 Jun 2009 - 03:01
    Last night I dreamt about a red piggy, with the word “S” emblazoned across it in white.
    I think its a Super Piggy or maybe D'man in drag.
  7. Photo

    DBC9MX Icon

    28 May 2009 - 14:18
    Oi!!!!!! what you lookin at ?
  8. Photo

    UISProphet Icon

    27 May 2009 - 17:37
    only took 7 hours to get everything back up and running :db: Haven't even played anything yet...
  9. Photo

    JB434 Icon

    24 May 2009 - 10:47
    And then get sniped after fully 3 seconds of firing at someone in the distance?
  10. Photo

    JB434 Icon

    24 May 2009 - 00:16
    Of course, who else from here has CoD4 anyway? livi, me dman and strangely I saw dbc on it earlier.O.o, db knows how to play an FPS?
  11. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    23 May 2009 - 08:15
    We should try and get 8 people on there, lol would be a laugh and then you don't have to mute your team. Well, only JB of course. :)
  12. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    23 May 2009 - 07:31
    NO, the F-15 stays.
  13. Photo

    JB434 Icon

    22 May 2009 - 12:25
    Pip boy? It's Vault Boy, this is coming from a guy with 0 experience of Fallout
  14. Photo

    UISProphet Icon

    20 May 2009 - 20:27
  15. Photo

    dmanuk123 Icon

    20 May 2009 - 11:50
    Yeah, bring Pip Boy back please !!!, don't make me start a petition in the Scrap Yard
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