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  1. Can't Someone Put v1.9 up on the Internet somewhere for me?

    Posted 11 Jun 2009

    Could it be possisble for someone who has allready downloaded v1.9 (not the BSI key) post it on a website or a blog somewhere as I cant log into the PSN. (Now on attempt 46) Would this work and if you can could someone do it and post a link?

  2. BSCAR-Abandoned

    Posted 18 May 2009

    Due to a Lack of intrest BSCAR will not take place. Sorry for everyone who signed up.

    Lock please
  3. Criterion - 37th Best Developer in the World

    Posted 16 May 2009

    Its now offical, Criterion Games, Guilford, UK are the 37th best games developer in the world! We all know that they should be number 1 (not on couster service mind you).

    Here it the full list:

  4. When the Island gets Released

    Posted 15 May 2009

    When the Island gets released I feel that we need to do a few things.

    With the mainland there are maps showing where all of the various discoverable are and other places of interest. Floors Islandpedia is very good for the billboards and places of interest; so I feel that they are covered. But what about the smashes and the mega jumps?
    I feel that we need to make three maps for the island:

    1) Location of the smashes
    2) Location of the mega jumps
    3) Location of the events

    When it is released, hopefully, Criterion will put a map of the island up on their website. (A bit like the one that is on the reverse of the box cover) We could the use that to plot the maps. If not then we could use Floors Islandpedia map or someone could come up with another one.

    I can the event locations map so I need 2 people to do the smashes and mega jumps map. Once BSI has been released post them on here for people to use.

    Thank you for your support.

    Note: Once two volunteers have come forward this thread can just drop until the release of BSI when I shall bump it as a reminder
  5. Cop or Robber?

    Posted 30 Apr 2009

    Sorry for the description

    Now C&R has been released and online stores are being updated worldwide, releasing chaos onto the streets of Paradise City; what I want know is how many new PCPD recruits are there and how many have turned to the criminal underbelly of Paradise.

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