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I found my old sig. Yay for me!
23rd of March 2007 to 28th of January 2009 RIP my original 60GB PS3.

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  1. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    24 May 2009 - 07:54
    It's not difficult to play an fps. just point the cursor at someone and HOLD DOWN FIRE.
  2. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    01 May 2009 - 18:58
    Science f't win.
  3. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    01 May 2009 - 18:38
    Let me point out that Fallout is not an FPS then.
  4. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    01 May 2009 - 17:27
    No, that's just First-person shooters. Just because a game has guns doesn't mean I don't like it. See Fallout 1, Fallout 2, World in Conflict, Battlefield Franchise, Aerial Combat games...
  5. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    01 May 2009 - 17:02
    What do you mean? 'It has guns'?
  6. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    01 May 2009 - 14:33
    Vault boy will return if the Fallout franchise redeems itself. Plus, F-15 > Cartoons.
  7. Photo

    DBC9MX Icon

    13 Mar 2009 - 12:16
    F't Win
  8. Photo

    TaterVader Icon

    19 Feb 2009 - 00:56
    Heya JB, I haven't seen you on for a while. How are things?
  9. Photo

    Ybmaster Icon

    14 Feb 2009 - 22:13
    yea i have tried playing it with one hand i can customize cars and stuff but it is kinda diffcult to play cod4 halo and fp's with one hand
  10. Photo

    carcrasher88 Icon

    30 Dec 2008 - 15:15
    Thanks for the comment.
    :p back at ya
  11. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    18 Dec 2008 - 12:57
    Ever play Flight Games Then?
  12. Photo

    Livi70590 Icon

    13 Dec 2008 - 23:37
    It is the Su-37 Terminator, number 711. The one that didn't crash. Are you knowledgeable in Russian Single Seat Fighters?
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