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  1. Burnout problem

    Posted 7 Feb 2009

    Burnout seems to eat my internet.
    I run off a wireless router, the desktop has the modem that the router runs through and I run the PS3 and the laptop through it too.
    Downloading Killzone 2 demo was fine, all 3 systems on the network slowed it down a lot, but it still worked.
    I go on Burnout and almost immediately I am unable to load any new pages on the laptop and the desktop also dies, which pisses off my mother who is on the internet =P
    I also notice that any downloads currently in progress freeze when I go on Burnout.
    It could be the PS3, it could be Burnout, it could be both.
    Any ideas?
  2. A friend showed me this website,

    Posted 23 Jan 2009

    A friend showed me this website, it's basically just multiplayer online games. It's cool when you just wanna waste some time, but it is quite addictive if you actually enjoy it.
    http://www.iminlikewithyou. com
    Any of you heard of it or use it already?
  3. Bikes

    Posted 4 Jan 2009

    I noticed on the poll on the homepage that "Bikes, No Thanks!" has the majority of the vote.
    I personally like the bikes quite a lot so don't really know why people would vote for this option.

    So tell me, what went wrong with the bikes for you? :unsure:
  4. Road Rules comps?

    Posted 3 Jan 2009

    They were always fun back in the day, was wondering why I hadn't spotted one on here.
  5. I want recommendations please :)

    Posted 26 Dec 2008

    In the current state of games these days, everything is simple, short, lacking in depth and lacking in replayability.
    I'm fussy in where I stick my 40, it is just a game, afterall.
    So I'm looking for a game to buy that has isn't over before you get into it, primarily.
    But also for it to not be so easy I feel like it's being aimed at someone half the age of me, and to have stuff I can find so I feel like there's a point to the game, finding secrets is cool afterall.
    Any suggestions? :unsure:

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