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  1. In Topic: Crash Guide ? Of Mystic

    Posted 1 Jan 2009

    View Post hoover93, on Aug 15 2008, 09:07 AM, said:

    Hi everyone! I've started playing Crash Events again and I've only got 2 gold medals remaining: in event Drive Angry and in event Tourist Trap. Please anybody give me a strategy for them!!!

    Yeah for me, after hitting the boost, speed down the dirt and try to get the gold and hit the big green and red 18 wheeler in the MIDDLE of where the front of the big rig meets the back of it.

    If u hit right and hit it dead on, ur car should stop and bounce back instead of smashing through the big rig. after that, a blue van should come by and hit u to the left (you will know that u did it right if the camera faces differently than if u were to, say, hit the back, because if u hit the middle correctly, the camera should face the big rig u are trying to hit. if u did it wrong, the camera will just show the pile up with all of the cars smashing into each other).

    u dont need to get the silver or bronze coins or the extra crashbreaker when the blue van hits u to the left. the main problem to this one is the other big rig on the very left that is pulling away from the crash pile-up. it is the same type of red and green big rig that u hit in the beginning. that makes the difference between 544,646 and 600,~~~. however, the red x's block u from hitting it after it pulls away past the shadow of the highway overpass.

    so after the van hits u to the left, try to get as close as u can to the big rig, and then set off your crashbreaker when u r as close as u can get to the big rig. if u can manage to get it with ur crashbreaker, then u should have beat the goal IF u got the gold coin in the beginning. theres lots of variations to this one method.

    for example, after the blue van hits u to the left, and u know that ur not gonna be able to get close to the big rig pulling away, u could try to get to the red taxi which is also pulling away but is closer to u than the big rig and then set off the crashbreaker to hopefully shoot the red taxi into the big rig. VERY HARD to do.

    theres also another way that happened to me when i was attempting the first way. in the beginning when i drove down the dirt, i tried to get the gold and hit the middle of the big rig, but i missed the middle, and i hit slightly to the right of the middle, so the camera stayed looking at the pile up instead of the big rig i'm supposed to hit. but instead of normally just smashing through the big rig, i flew way up into the air. normally, if u get some air, the incoming traffic, especially the trucks, would just smash into u and u would get stuck in the middle of the pile up, but instead, i flew up so high that i flew over the traffic, so i started flying towards the big rig i was supposed to hit, and since the camera wasn't looking at the big rig, i didn't know where it was, so i just flew where i thought it was, and as soon as i got to the red x's, i used the crashbreaker and actually got the big rig in the explosion!!! i was sooooo happy hahaha
  2. In Topic: Glitches Thread

    Posted 1 Jan 2009

    Also, in crash mode, sometimes when i hit a heavy vehicle super extremely hard goin at like 200 mph, i hit it dead on and i go through the ground, and i just start falling down into space and keeeeeeep falling lol. its a weird glitch but it's kinda funny

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