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  1. In Topic: Burnout Paradise Hd Remaster?

    Posted 7 Mar 2018

    Hey there, haven't been here in a VERY long time. It is official now, by the way! The remastered game launches March 16th, which is next Friday:

    Burnout Paradise Remastered!

    The Remastered version will contain ALL of the DLC packs that were ever released, will be 4K Compatible, assuming you have 4K consoles, a strong enough PC, and of course a 4K TV. This may be especially interesting to PC owners who never received an official release of Big Surf Island and had to find hacks and such to add it.

    Although, it should be noted that the PC version will not launch with the PS4 and XBOne versions, but is being worked on and will release later this year.

    The cost is a little steep for a 10 year old game, remastered or otherwise. It launches at $39.99 USD.

    Sorry to see this forum so dead. Paradise is one of my all time favorite games, even being just over 10 years old now. I really wish Criterion would stop f*cking around with NFS games and make a genuine Paradise sequel!
  2. In Topic: PROTECTION! It is real!

    Posted 20 Jul 2009

    Chris, to be honest, that isn't true. The AI does not protect higher ranked players. The problems you are experienced plague ALL racers in Paradise from the highest to the lowest ranked. All the things you are referring to happen to everyone.
  3. In Topic: Paradise: slowly dying

    Posted 9 Jul 2009

    Even if this game completely dies tomorrow it has had one helluva run. Who, in their right minds, would have EVER predicted that a racing game would garner this much support and replay value? I too hope there is more DLC in the works and that Criterion finds a way to keep the game alive, but the truth is that even if they don't, they should be commended for managing to stretch it out as long as they have. I still play this game, and probably will continue freeburning for some time. I know a lot of people who feel the same way.
  4. In Topic: The Island Guide (Incomplete)

    Posted 2 Jul 2009

    In looking at the first post, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to list ALL rewards including all 9 vehicles and what task opens them up. GREAT guide, by the way. ;)

    * Dust Storm - Buy the island
    * Dust Storm Superturbo - Beat the Dust Storm Burning Route
    * Annihilator Street Rod - Bring your Island License up to 100%
    * Toy 88 Special - smash the 45 Island Billboards
    * Toy Bootlegger - Land the 15 Island Mega Jumps
    * Olympus Governor - Complete 50% of the Island license
    * Toy Spirit - Hit all 75 smash gates
    * Toy Nighthawk - Complete all 24 road rules
    * Diamond P12 - Complete all 500 online challenges
  5. In Topic: Strange flatspin orientation question

    Posted 30 Jun 2009

    I think I found a solution. By using the toy P-88 this weird nosedive almost NEVER happens. I just did an off line stunt run to try it out and used all 8 diving boards I was able to flatspin AT LEAST TWICE off each one, once to the right and once to the left. It was a tad tedious, to be honest, because after each long flatspin you have to make your way all the way to the top of the construction site. This means going up to the roof at least 18 times, more if you want to flatspin off different parts of he diving board, which seemed to work sometimes, plus the split ramp rooftop barrel roll is up there as well. But the cool thing is I was able to get between 4 and 5 multiplier on each flatspin. So doing nothing but the diving boards I ended up with something like 70+ multiplier. Like I said, it is a little tedious, though, and certainly not one of the more "exciting" stunt run segments you will ever do. But considering you can probably snag another 100X multiplier from just the rest of the construction site, you can get some serious points on the island.

    So far, I have gotten 120X multiplier just from Perrin's point, though I had to jump into areas of Big Surf Beach to get it, and this includes the Ski Jump. So if you can get 120X from Perrin's Point, let's say about 200X from the Construction Site, probably more than 300X (though I have NOT fully explored it yet!!) from the circular car park, 50X to 75X just from Paradise keys Bridge, plus probably another 200X (EASY!!) scattered around BSI, then a decent stunt runner should be able to get 800+ X without ever leaving the Island. The key is tro string the areas together.

    Edit: Oh by the way, the only way the fix for the nosedive off the diving boards works is if you keep the Toy P-88 in Hover Mode!

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