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  1. What Platform For Burnout Paradise: Remastered?

    Posted 13 Mar 2018

    Okay, there is a thread sort of about this as an unconfirmed game. Plus the forum has been basically dead for a long time. So not sure if anyone will even read this, much less respond. But Criterion is releasing Burnout Paradise: Remastered later this week, Friday, March 16th.

    The launch price is $40.00 and includes:

    -The full retail version of Burnout Paradise
    -All of the DLC ever released for the game, including Big Surf Island
    -Increased FPS
    -4K Compatible
    -Nice, shiny graphics overhaul

    Of course, the caveat is that it is still basically the same 10 year old game with a framerate and graphics overhaul. And the price at launch is a little high in my opinion, for a game that is almost a decade old.

    But it might not be the worst thing in the world. New leaderboards, I assume. Probably lots of new Freeburn players, and a chance to revisit the game in stunning 4K, if you have the PS4 Pro or Xbox One S or Scorpio.

    Burnout Paradise Remastered

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    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  2. Longing For A New Installment Of Paradise!

    Posted 19 Dec 2015

    Or whatever Criterion would call an open world genuine sequel to Paradise.

    I know Criterion did a NFS: Most Wanted game, and I bought it, but got bored after a few hours. Not that it was a bad game. I may even go back to it at some point.

    I think the problem, for me at least, with that game was that even though Criterion devs created it, they were tasked to create a NFS sequel and not a Burnout sequel.

    Anyway, I know I am tilting at windmills here. Considering that Paradise launched coming up on 8 years ago next month AND there has been no word that I can find for a new Burnout title, I think this franchise is either abandoned or in back-burner hell somewhere.
  3. Did Criterion Do Away With Savegame Analyzer?

    Posted 26 Feb 2015

    Hey guys, long time no see! Haven't been to this forum in a looooong time! Anyway, I started a brand new Paradise save from 0% and am missing a few billboards and smash gates. Now I can definitely find them without the savegame analyzer, but I figured it would be quicker and easier to use Criterion's tool, but I can't find it anymore.

    I have the nasty feeling they took that part of their site down, but hopefully I am wrong. Any of you Burnout experts know?

    Edit: Forget it after all! lol I forgot how easy Criterion made these collectibles to find. I found everything and it didn't take long at all! :)
  4. Problem with PS Store Paradise download

    Posted 14 Jul 2009

    I own the hard copy of the game, but a friend has bought and downloaded it. He says it plays fine with the save he created on it. However, the PSN version does not seem to want to load his save from a previous disc copy. Is this a common problem? Is there a solution?
  5. Strange flatspin orientation question

    Posted 28 Jun 2009

    Okay, is there a trick to keeping your vehicle horizontal during a flatspin from a VERY HIGH point. I am having a problem on top of the construction site. Right near the Super Jump split-ramp, there are these metal diving boards sticking out, You have to drive onto them for one of the ten island challenges. Anyway, They are an awesome spot to flatspin from because you can easily get 4X and sometimes even 5X from each of them during a stunt run. The problem I am having is that about 40% of the time (ie. about 2 out of 5) my vehicle will point its nose toward the ground and instead of landing on all 4 wheels I get crashed out.

    I was wondering if there was some way to prevent this from happening? I am reasonably good with flatspins, and know how to launch straight off of a flat edge, but what I am finding is that sometimes my vehicle is staying straight horizontal for most of the fall down and then almost last second or during the last spin the nose points down to the ground and I crash. Obviously this is not acceptable in a Stunt Run because it reduces my run to pure luck if I try to utilize these metal grating diving boards. So is there maybe something I am doing wrong? Maybe a way to steer your nose back horizonatal when it points down? Otherwise, obviously all the multipliers I can get off the roof are not worth the risk.

    Thanks! ;)

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