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About Me

I have just finished my first year of an Animation and Games design course with some high marks. Distinctions all round leading to 3 A* grade A-levels by the end of next year.

If I want to at the end of the second year I could apply for a job at Criterion. Why not, they never asked for a University Degree.

If I became the lead DLC designer for Criterion for a day I would
Create a Toy Car Only game room (Like Bikes)

Create the Heavy Hitters DLC;
* Hunter Stretch - Limo Civilian - 5 Speed, 6 Boost and 10 Strength - Aggression boost
* Montgomery Endurance - Bowler Wildcat - 4 Speed, 7 Boost and 9 Strength - Stunt Boost
* Kitano Ikusa GT Powerhouse - Ikusa GT tuned with 1000bhp - 8 Speed, 7 Boost and 7 Strength - Speed Boost
* Krieger Rebel - 1980 Audi Quattro Rally Car - 5 Speed, 0 Boost and 6 Strength - Boostless

Create the Game Mode - Crashbreaker
* Each player takes it in turns to have a bomb strapped to the car for 60 seconds
* You earn a point for each second you have the bomb (during the final 10 seconds) and a point per takedown on the carrier
* If a carrier is taken down the bomb is passed to the player who did it
* If the bomb goes off the carrier losses 10 points but a crashbreaker takedown is worth 2 points per player
* The map would be constricted to a single district and only roads and shortcuts can be used.
* No players have boost but the bomb carrier can earn boost towards the magnitude of the bomb's explosion

Create a new manufacturer - Douaire
A French manufacturer of boostless cars and old motorcycles. There cars will be well known for their elegance and presence.
* Douaire Petit - A small front wheel drive car known for its high levels of control in Stunt Runs - 4 Speed & 3 Strength
* Douaire Únorme - A 4x4 vehicle known for its ability to move up almost a vertical surface - 6 Speed & 10 Strength
* Douaire Chasseur - A low down, leaned back, cruising bike. It can't do wheelies but you can hold on longer - 7 Speed & 5 Strength
* Douaire Voleur - A similar bike to the Black Shadow. It is known for it's huge amounts of air time! - 6 Speed & 3 Strength
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In Prison, No one can hear you scream!

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28 years old
May 4, 1991
Ormskirk, UK

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Website URL  http://pcpd.policemayhem.com/


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    B.BRACE Icon

    10 Dec 2009 - 21:38
    when you wrote on your profile 'In Prison, No One can hear you scream!' did you get that from a tv show named top gear?
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    DisasterMatt Icon

    06 Apr 2009 - 16:44
    Found you on YouTube, nice channel. Saw your Cop Chase vid.
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