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Operation Burnout was originally started by Cooper back in early 2005 as an addition to a new network of gaming site originating from the now abandoned Operation GTA . The domain OperationBurnout.com was registered in April '05 and work began on creating the site.

Over the coming months Cooper created a design and worked on the content of the site. Follow, a previous member of Operation GTA, joined the staff as a news poster before the official launch.

Before the site was officially launched on 26th July 2005, Cooper decided to move the site off of the Operation Network and run it independently.

On the launch date Operation Burnout moved from the temporary free host, 100WebSpace, to GamingSource who granted us unlimited web hosting. After just 5 months with GamingSource, Operation Burnout moved to paid hosting with DreamHost.com due to some of the restrictions with the service and MySQL errors which we kept experiencing at GamingSource. We continue to use Dreamhost to this day.

Over the next year after opening, Operation Burnout grew from recieving 10 unique hits a day, to recieving an average of 100. As more visitor came, more decided to join as a member. By Early 2007 we had grown to become the largest Burnout fan site on the internet, recieving around 6,000 uniqe visitors a month and about 60,000 page views. The fourm also grew rapidly and by April 2007 we hit the 500 member mark.

Over the years Operation Burnout has had many different layouts. I've added a screenshot of each below:

Operation Burnout fist concept

Operation Burnout fist concept

Launch Layout

Launch Layout

Operation Burnout 3

Operation Burnout 3

4.1 Layout

4.1 Layout

Operation Burnout 5 Layout

5 Layout

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