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Burnout Paradise Stuntrun

by Baines
Stunt Run
A stuntrun is like a bank robbery, it's more likely to succeed if you're patient and plan it well than just going throwing yourself at it with full throttle.

To win a stuntrun you must get a certain amount of points by driving around Paradise City and do stunts.

Stuntrun Scoring

You get points by doing the following:
  • Driving in reverse
  • Get airtime, you get double score if you do it while driving in reverse
  • Drifting
  • E-Brake
  • Boosting
  • Boostdrifting (boost and drift at the same time)
The key to get very high scores are the multipliers, you get them by:
  • Doing a superjump, +1 multiplier
  • Smash a billboard, +1 multiplier
  • Do a flatspin, +1 multiplier
  • Do a big jump, +1 multiplier
  • Successfully land a barrel roll, +2 multiplier

Stuntrun Basics

When you start a stuntrun you've got a certain amount of time to achieve a certain amount of points.

To begin scoring points you do one of the stunts that gives you points or gain a multiplier.
When you've done a stunt, a pie shaped countdown timer will appear on the top center of the screen and you've got 5 seconds to do another stunt before the timer fills up. If you don't do another stunt within that time or crash the car, the game will end your combo and add your points to your total score.

Stunt Run Countsown

When you start a stuntrun event you're told how long time you have to complete it, and a timer will tick down in the top left corner. In the beginning it's not that hard to get, for example, 30,000 points in 2 minutes, but later on you're gonna be asked to get 500,000 points in about one minute.

Don't let that scare you, because you can continue to do your stuntrun indefinitely even after the event timer has counted down, as long as you don't let the pie shaped 5 second timer fill up and you don't crash.

Stunt Run Final Run

Stuntrun Tips

Before you start a stuntrun you have to choose a car that's right for the job. A stunt car is an obvious choice, it'll be harder to do a stuntrun in an aggression car, and I think even harder in a speed car.

The trick now isn't to find out which stunt car is the fastest and meanest. Instead, choose a car that you find easy to control that doesn't speed away too quickly. Personally, I really like the Watson Burnout Roadster, I think it's easy to control and has just the amount of power you need. Of course, it's up to you to find out which car suits you best.

The reason for not choosing the most powerful car is that if you're going too fast you might miss jumps, ramps, billboards and other stuff in the city that will increase your score. You want to have as good control over what you're doing as you can get.

When you've decided on a car you need to learn where the all the stunts are around the city. Try out all 14 stuntrun events and find out what kind of stunts are available around the starting point. When you've got a decent map in your head over a certain area, go explore another. When you feel confident enough and know where you're gonna do and approximately in what order, link all those those areas you know together and gain as many any points and multipliers as you can get.

Stunt Run

To do a long stuntrun you always have to have an eye on the pie shaped 5 second timer. Two of the easiest ways of resetting the timer is to “tap boost” or drift just a little bit. This is a great way to get some breathing time between stunts.

Don't rush when you're in a stuntrun, as long as you don't let the pie timer fill up and don't crash you've got all the time in the world.

Try to plan your stuntrun as best as you can in advance, if there are risky stunts you want to do, do them in the beginning of your run.

Good luck!

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