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Burnout Paradise Super Jumps

There are a total of 50 super jumps in Paradise City to find. A super jump can be seen by the flashing bollards in front of the ramps. Below is a map and description to find all 50 jumps. As a reward for collecting all the jump you'll unlock the Jansen Carbon X12.
Burnout Paradise Super Jump Map
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Downtown Paradise Jumps

1. Use the ramp in the middle of the I-88 freeway tunnel to jump onto the street.
Downtown Paradise Jump 1

2. Located on the top floor of the construction site at the corner of Andersen Street and Webster Avenue.
Downtown Paradise Jump 2

3. Use the ramp to jump off the roof of the Angus Warf parking garage.
Downtown Paradise Jump 3

4. Use the ramp on top of the Angus Warf parking garage to jump across the street onto the other parking garage roof. You will see the ramp on the right hand side.
Downtown Paradise Jump 4

5. Use the ramp on top of the Webster Avenue parking garage to jump onto the freeway.
Downtown Paradise Jump 5

6. The ramp is located by the train tracks near the Webster Avenue spray shop.
Downtown Paradise Jump 6

7. Use the ramp in the north of the park.
Downtown Paradise Jump 7

8. Use the ramp in the south of the park. Opposite jump 7.
Downtown Paradise Jump 8

9. Jump off the ramp on the scaffolding near the Fry Avenue parking garage.
Downtown Paradise Jump 9

10. Jump onto the railway tracks using the ramp on Andersen Street and follow the tracks west and jump into the shopping centre. The ramp is located here.
Downtown Paradise Jump 10

Harbor Town Jumps

11. Jump across the broken bridge on 1st Street.
Harbor Town Jump 1

12. Use the ramp on Young Avenue to get onto the train tracks. Follow them to the then where you will see jump #12
Harbor Town Jump 2

13. Jump off the roof of Manners Avenue parking garage.
Harbor Town Jump 3

14. Use the wooden ramp to jump over the water by the dock.
Harbor Town Jump 4

15. Jump off the roof of Hall Avenue's parking garage.
Harbor Town Jump 5

16. Use the ramp to jump over the freeway
Harbor Town Jump 6

17. Coming off the South Bay Expressway Bridge, heading east, on the right is a smash. Follow it down over the shipping containers to find super jump #17.
Harbor Town Jump 7

18. Jump the ramp on the South Bay Expressway Bridge heading west.
Harbor Town Jump 8

19. Jump the ramp on the South Bay Expressway Bridge heading east.
Harbor Town Jump 9

20. You'll find this jump at the bottom of the dam.
Harbor Town Jump 10

White Mountain

21. Jump off the ledge on top of South Mountain Drive
White Mountain Jump 1

22. Use the ramp at the entrance of the quarry
White Mountain Jump 2

23. Follow the dirt tracks and use the ramp to jump up to the raised road. Follow it along to find the super jump.
White Mountain Jump 3

24. You'll find this ramp off of Lucas Way down an ally.
White Mountain Jump 4

25. Jump off the steps at the top off Uphill Drive.
White Mountain Jump 5

26. Use the steps by the train tracks to jump over the gas station.
White Mountain Jump 6

27. Off West Lake Drive there will be a shortcut with a ramp for super jump #27.
White Mountain Jump 7

28. Find this jump just off the train tracks.
White Mountain Jump 8

29. Jump over Dead Man's Edge.
White Mountain Jump 9

30. Jump off of the ramp on Read Lane onto the train tracks below.
White Mountain Jump 10

Silver Lake

31. Where North Rouse Drive splits into two, there is a dirt track. Follow it to get super jump #31.
Silver Lake Jump 1

32. Same as jump #31. Keep following the dirt track.
Silver Lake Jump 2

33. Another dirt track off of North Rouse Drive will guide you to jump #33.
Silver Lake Jump 3

34. Off of Lewis Pass there is a broken bridge which acts as the ramp for jump #34.
Silver Lake Jump 4

35. Jump onto the barns first story.
Silver Lake Jump 5

36. A ramp in a car park on the top of North Rouse Drive leads down to the railway tracks.
Silver Lake Jump 6

37. Use the ramp on the dock to jump across to the small island.
Silver Lake Jump 7

38. Jump through the suspended pipe at the air field.
Silver Lake Jump 8

39. The ramp for this jump can be found under the road on a dirt track.
Silver Lake Jump 9

40. Past the highway onramp there will be a Super Jump on the east side of South Rouse Dive which will launch you onto unfinished highway.
Silver Lake Jump 10

Palm Bay Heights

41. Head east along I-88 Section 2. There’s a ramp close by to the position you land on jump 3, facing the opposite direction. Use it to jump onto the other side of the freeway or down onto the railway tracks.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 1

42. Description: This jump is located off of Hamilton Avenue on the railway tracks. The ramp is facing west onto the freeway above.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 2

43. Heading west on E. Crawford, jump down onto the pier and hit the ramp on the left to jump onto the roof of the shops. Alternatively, you can get this jump heading in the opposite direction. Head east along E Crawford and hit the ramp on the other side of the shops.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 3

44. Head west down E. Crawford until you reach the ramp. Hit the ramp and leap onto the building structure opposite.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 4

45. Jump over Paradise Avenue bridge.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 5

46. By the entrance to the tunnel you'll see a dirt ramp. Use it to jump over the water.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 6

47. The ramp for this jump can be found on 7th Street.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 7

48. East of jump #47 you'll find a similar ramp for jump #48.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 8

49. Jump onto the elevated railway tracks using the ramp near Hamilton parking garage. Turn around when you're up there and you'll see the ramp.
Palm Bay Heights Jump 9

50. This jump can be found on the train tracks
Palm Bay Heights Jump 50

Images from IGN. Map created by Cooper for Operation Burnout.

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