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Burnout Revenge Guide - Credits

Burnout Revenge Walkthrough
Written by Joe8 (Email: joefinnigan@gmail.com)
Version 1.0 (last updated: 14th February 2006)

Thanks to:

  • Criterion for making the game
  • The sites listed in the copyright notice for hosting the FAQ
  • shadowolf105 for pointing out a mistake in the
  • Sunshine Keys challenge sheet
  • Skeletal King for giving me info for the Etnies Racer
  • Everyone who gave me info on the Madden Van. (got plenty of responses to that before I could update this FAQ, I guess I shouldn't leave an FAQ so long without an update...)
  • Thanks for reading, and I hope this guide helped at least one person in some way!

Note from Operation Burnout: Thanks to Joe8 for allowing us to host this guide. Great job on writing it. ;)

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