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Written by Joe8 (Email: joefinnigan@gmail.com)
Version 1.0 (last updated: 14th February 2006)

Q: How do you get explosive/triple/4-way payback?
A: When you are in a Crashbreaker Race, while in impact time after crashing, use your Crashbreaker when one or more opponents are nearby to get 'payback'.

Q: I can't get a gold medal in a certain event, please help!
A: If it's not a Burning/Preview Lap event, or a Crash event which requires a particular car to use, just skip it for now - only getting a bronze or silver medal is fine, and you'll get better cars later on in the game which are unlocked, which you can use to improve your performance. If it is - keep trying!

Q: What is a 'special car' and how do I find one?
A: Special cars are unlocked in Race events from Rank 6. They're one of your opponents in races - you can usually tell whether a car is a special car or not if they are much faster than your other opponents in the race and usually in the lead.

Q: Why can't I play a non-World Tour, single player mode in Revenge? There was a similar mode available for Burnout 3...
A: For some reason, single-player mode was removed from the game.

Q: What if I don't have a Madden NFL or Burnout 3 game save, and therefore can't unlock either of the cars at the beginning of the game? Am I unable to get 100% because of this?
A: You can still get 100% without the Madden/Burnout 3 saves. In fact, you don't even need to get gold medals in all events to get 100%, for some reason.

Q: In Crash events, I have a vehicle with a high level Crashbreaker but it always drops down really quickly once it gets to 100%, and I can't tap R2 fast enough to get the full impact of the Crashbreaker...is there any easier way of doing so?
A: Just before your Crashbreaker meter reaches 100%, press & hold R1 to go into impact time. This slows everything down, including the rate at which the Crashbreaker meter goes down once you do reach 100%, so you can easily tap R2 fast enough to get it all the way back up to 100%.

Q: I crashed in a race but I don't have the option to use a Crashbreaker. I thought you could use them in race events in this game?
A: Crashbreakers can only be used in Crashbreaker events - these are not unlocked until later in the game (Rank 5).

Q: I can never get off to a good start in Crash events - how does the golf-style meter work?
A: It's fairly simple really - you have to press X once when the cursor reaches the green bar at the top of the meter, and then press it again when it goes down to the green bar at the bottom. Depending on how well you time the button-pressing, you should get a 'Perfect' start if you press X on the green bars both times.

Q: Is there any easy way of completing the 2nd challenge sheet (winning a race without crashing)?
A: You can actually win the race first of all before you attempt the challenge (i.e. you can still crash as long as you finish first), then reattempt the race, drive slowly without crashing, and complete the challenge even if you don't actually finish in first - for some reason, the game accepts this as completing the challenge.

Q: Is the seventh challenge sheet (Blow up x vehicles) referring to vehicles in Crash mode or another type of mode?
A: It applies to blowing up vehicles in Crash mode (which can usually be done by either driving/flying into vehicles at a very fast speed, or just using your Crashbreaker near vehicles to make them explode).

Q: What is 'total payback'?
A: Similar to the other types of payback in Crashbreaker events, except that you have to use the crashbreaker on all five of your rivals.

More questions will be added soon. Feel free to give your own suggestions for this section by emailing me at the address at the top of this FAQ.

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