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Burnout Revenge Guide - Game Modes

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Written by Joe8 (Email: joefinnigan@gmail.com)
Version 1.0 (last updated: 14th February 2006)

Game Modes

In this section, the different modes of the game are explained. Throughout the World Tour mode, you will have to take part in a variety of different races - all of these are listed below:

RACE: Self-explanatory really - you are put into a race with 5 other computer opponents. The amount of laps each race takes can range from 1 to 3 laps.

ROAD RAGE: If you played the Road Rage mode in Burnout 3: Takedown, you'll be familiar to this mode, but it has been changed slightly for this game. As usual, you have to try and get Takedowns on many groups of cars that roam across the track, but you have a much shorter time limit this time (one minute), and that time gets extended after you've got Takedowns on a certain amount of cars - I believe it is every 3 cars, or when you reach the boundary for a particular medal.

CRASH: Again, this is a mode borrowed from the previous Burnout game, but there have been some changes made to it. The multiplier, cash bonus, heartbreaker and crashbreaker icons have been completely removed from Crash mode, and you now have a golf-style meter which you use to get as good a start as possible. Once you have crashed into the oncoming traffic, you have to hit as many cars as possible before your crashbreaker percentage reaches 100%; when this happens, the percentage will start dropping back down, and you have five seconds to tap R2 as fast as possible to get it back up to 100%. The higher the percentage, the more impact your car causes by exploding from the crashbreaker. You can also go into 'impact time' by holding R1; this slows down the game, enabling you to move your car around during the crash.

TRAFFIC ATTACK: This is a brand new mode to Burnout Revenge, and gets you to take advantage of one of the biggest changes to the Burnout series; you can now hit same-way traffic without actually crashing, as you did in all of the previous Burnout games. In this particular game mode, you simply have to hit as much same-way traffic as possible to reach your medal targets. However, you cannot hit large traffic e.g. lorries or buses, not matter what direction it is going in.

PREVIEW LAP/BURNING LAP: This is basically two of the same thing for Burning Laps, you have to race a lap of a certain track, usually with a specific car, and try and beat certain times to get a medal. Preview Lap is pretty much the same thing, except that in these, you race on tracks that aren't made available to you until later in the game.

ELIMINATOR: Another mode that was in previous games but has been slightly revamped this time. Rather than the last car being eliminated every lap, like in Burnout 3, the last-placed car gets eliminated every thirty seconds, which makes the race a lot more frantic as you face finishing last with a couple of seconds left. Apart from this, it is pretty much the same as a normal race.

GRAND PRIX: This mode is a set of (usually) 3 races, where you try to get as many points as possible overall. You get 6 points for finishing first in a race, 4 for second, 3 for third, 2 for fourth, 1 for fifth and none for finishing sixth. If you finish in the top 3 of the overall standings, you get a medal.

CRASHBREAKER: These events can be Races, Road Rages or Eliminators. They are the same as the normal event, except that when you crash during the race, you are able to use a crashbreaker to destroy any of your opponents that are nearby.

World Tour Mode

If you're familiar with the Burnout series, you'll know this mode this is basically the main part of the game, and unfortunately, with no single-player mode now outside of the World Tour, it's pretty much the only part of the game if you're not playing online or with friends. It's still a fun mode though, and it now has a new rank system which replaces the 'continent' system that was in Burnout 3.

You can gain a maximum of five stars from each event. You get two ratings overall: an 'aggression' rating, which rates how well you did in races in terms of things like Takedowns, amount of drift you did, amount of air etc; and an overall rating, which combines your aggression/race rating with the medal you got for that event. Here are the 'labels' for each star rating:

* (OK)
** (Good)
*** (Great)
**** (Awesome)
***** (Perfect)

For your race rating, you can only get an 'awesome' rating e.g. 4 stars. The only way you can get a 'perfect' rating is by getting a gold medal in an event while also getting an 'awesome' rating this bumps your 4 star rating up to 5 stars. This also works for other ratings and medals getting a silver medal won't move your race rating at all, while getting a bronze medal will remove one star from your overall rating. You cannot get any stars if you do not get a medal in the event.

Once you have got a star rating, whether it's one star or five, those stars are deducted from your overall target for reaching the next rank. So for example, at the start of the game, it might take you 15 stars overall to unlock the events in Rank 2 - if you got an 'awesome' race rating and a gold medal in one events, this would give you a 'perfect' five star rating overall, and those five stars would be deducted from your overall target. You would then have to get 10 more stars to unlock the Rank 2 events.

More information on the ranks, such as the different names and how many stars you need to unlock them, is in the 'Ranks' section

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